philanthropy is a journey, and we can guide you to your destination.

We will support you and your families philanthropic endeavours with strategic advice to maximize your impact on the causes you value most.

Our philosophy for delivery is based on the following key characteristics:

  1. Trust. We believe that trust is at the core of every successful philanthropic advising relationship. We expect that you and your advisor will talk about much more than money. Issues you care about deeply, including your personal motivations and even your personal relationships with other family members. With Global Humanus, you will find someone you can trust completely and understands confidentiality is at the heart of trusted relationships.
  2. Discretion. Global Humanus understands that families are complex and consider many factors before donating to the causes they value most. This is why our advisors exercise discretion when deciding the correct portfolio of services that will best meet your needs.
  3. Inspiration. We believe that good philanthropic advisors quickly understand what inspires you and find ways to build on that passion. Conversations with a Global Humanus advisor will leave you feeling hopeful, excited and always ready to move forward.
  4. Challenge. As with any kind of advice, a yes-man doesn’t cut it. We believe that strong philanthropic advice should help you clarify your goals and bring forward bold new ideas to help you move toward them. We will take the time to understand your tolerance for risk, but will also encourage you to challenge your beliefs and assumptions as you consider your philanthropic investment strategy. At the end of the day, our aim is to encourage you to think more deeply and make new connections that you may not have made on your own.
  5. Bespoke. We don’t believe that a philanthropic advisor should attempt to wow you with their ‘one-size-fits-all’ method for successful philanthropy. We believe that philanthropy is a highly personalized undertaking, and while an advisor may have a general guiding process, they must first and foremost be willing to adapt that process to your needs.
  6. Experience. We believe that there is no replacement for experience when it comes to philanthropy and working with the non-profit sector. From experience, comes understanding, and ability to tailor advice to your own unique situation.
  7. Collegiality. Philanthropy is most effective when your philanthropic advisor is in regular contact with your other advisors. Understanding the bigger picture is a key requirement for success, and we believe that a collegial approach with your other advisors is the best strategy for achieving your overall vision.

At the end of the day, trusting your instinct is the best approach in finding a philanthropic advisor that works for you.  We understand that in addition to philanthropy being a financial venture with risks, rewards and metrics, it’s also an investment of the heart and soul.

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